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Thermal Hotels, With Tourism Licence.

Being located in an important geothermal zone, our country ranks seventh worldwideby the richness and potential of its resources and has more than 1500 thermal resources,the temperatures of which range between 20 - 110 degrees and the flow rates ofwhich vary between 2 – 500 lt / s. (Figure 1: Map of Turkey’s Geothermal Resources)

There are approximately 190 thermal facilities in 46 cities of our country. The bed capacityof the 12 facilities (the cure center of which has been approved by the Ministryof Health) which hold tourism investment certificates of the Ministry of Culture andToruism for thermal purposes is 2.347, while the bed capacity of the 30 facilities whichhold tourism management certificates are 8.567. The 156 facilities which have an approximatebed capacity of 16.000 are certified by local administrations. (Table 1: ThermalTourism Bed Capacity) There are 34 tourism centers and one Protection and Development Region of Cultureand Tourism to date, which have been declared as such accoring to the Lawno 2634 on the Encouragement of Tourism and are still operative. (Figure 2: TourismCenters as declared according to the Law on the Encouragement of Tourism)

The invetory work aimed at assessing the mentioned thermal tourism centers’ currentstate and their potential with regards to tourism have been completed. According tothe curent approved development plans the planned bed capacity of thermal tourismcenters is approximately 100.000.


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