Visit Turkey For Health Care

Head of Department's Task Definition


 Article 8/1/i. Making arrangements for development of health tourism applications, assuring coordination with the relevant institutions

  Article 47/4.Those public institutions and affiliates and private legal entities and natural people who hire health personnel are responsible for notifying the personnel they hired and their activities to the Ministry (Including Thermal Facilities)

    ●  Article 49/1. In order to make the country an attraction center in the area of health in its neighborhood and to accelerate the inflow of the foreign capital and high medical technology, within the scope of 6/6/1985 dated and 3218 numbered Law on Free Zones’ provisions, Principles and Procedures related to the establishment and management of health free zones are defined by Council of Ministers.

    ●  Article 49/2. Principles and Procedures related to the health services that will be given in the free zones are defined by the Ministry.

                                                           DUTIES OF GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF HEALTH TOURISM:

     ●  To do regulation studies related with health tourism and provide necessary permissions,

     ●  To follow the progresses going on inside and outside Turkey,     

     ●  To plan the health institutions and organizations which will serve in the scope of this circular and to give the necessary   permissions to these institutions in terms of health tourism,

     ●  To define the criteria of the admissions of the patients whoc come abroad to Turkey and to examine the demands and the   complaints of these patients,      

     ●  When required, keeping records and providing consultation services within the scope of health tourism and tourist's   health,

     ● To coordinate works and processes regarding health free zones and health services that will be provided within these  zones,      

     ●  To plan and coordinate processes regarding patients arrived our country and being accepted for treatment within the scope  of bilateral cooperation in the field of health, 

     ●  To coordinate other works assigned by General Director.                                                                  

                                                                  HEALTH TOURISM IN PUBLIC HOSPITALS :

      ●  Circular letter numbered 2011/41 about Health Tourism and Tourist's Health in public hospitals has been published and has gone in effect (Organizing in field has been completed).

      ●  Different price list began to be applied to foreign patients in public hospitals.

      ●  In 40 hospitals, foreign patient units were established. Translation service began in 4 languages, 24/7.

                                                                  TRANSLATION SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS:

      ●  This call center serves to foreign calls which are taken by 112 Emergency Line, 184 Patient Rights and Complaints Line, hospitals and administrative references of the Ministry.

      ● International call center was established within the coordinatorship of the Ministry. It began to serve in 4 languages (English, German, Russian and Arabic), 24/7.

      ●  Correspondence with international insurance companies and the provision are followed.